“Are you frustrated with not being able to meet or be in a relationship with your ideal woman?”

Then you’ll love the Magnetic Man Program!

You’re in the right spot if…

  • You feel like you’re struggling with HOW to meet the women you’re most attracted to.
  • Too shy or lack self confidence with women.
  • Overcome by fear and anxiety when approaching or asking women out.
  • Struggle with being your true authentic self, unable to show women what you really have to offer. 
  • Don’t know what to say or talk about.
  • Struggle with going from hello to a first date.
  • Tired of being put into the “Friend zone”.
  • Struggling with meeting women because of low self-esteem, no confidence and/or self doubt.
  • Afraid of getting rejected.
  • Hiding your sexual desire for fear of rejection or feeling like it would be offensive (quickies path to the “Friend Zone”).
  • Feeling hopeless, defeated, given up on the idea of meeting your ideal woman.
  • Sick of watching other guys meet women while you end up dateless and lonely on Saturday nights.

“Isn’t time you stop rolling the dice with your love life?”

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The Magnetic Man Program

A complete comprehensive solution for men who want to meet and be in a relationship with their ideal woman.

The Magnetic Man Program offers you a proven, systematic, step by step roadmap that gives you the skills, tools, qualities, and traits to attract, date and be in a relationship with the women you want.

This 3-month intensive program offers you so much more than learned skills and behavioral modifications. What you get is inner and outer personal transformation that will significantly boost your personal power and confidence in all areas of your life. Not just with women!

In this proven, step by step program, you’ll learn:

  • How to easily create connection and rapport with ideal woman so they will feel comfortable, turned on and attracted to you.
  • How to be attractive and desirable to the women while being your authentic self, so they can see the real you.
  • How to go from hello to first date, and beyond.
  • How to go from “Nice Guy” to the “Sexy Good Guy” – Say goodbye to the FRIEND ZONE once and for all!
  • Powerful conversation skills that keep the conversation intriguing, interesting and fun – Never again having to worry about what to say or talk about!
  • 3 key components of Charisma that will make you magnetic and irresistible to women on multiple levels.
  • How to get noticed, standout and make powerful impressions on others.
  • How to step into and harness your personal power, confidence and masculinity – HIGHLY DESIRABLE to women.
  • Understanding what women really want and discover what you might be doing wrong that’s turning them off.
  • Going from shy and low-self esteem to powerful and confident.
  • How to create instant interest that leaves women unable to stop thinking about you and wanting more!
  • How to exude your sexual desire in a clean, fun, flirtatious and comfortable manner, free from fear of rejection or it seeming creepy.
  • How to stay out of the friend zone once and for all.
  • How to build instance attraction by just being your true authentic self. 

“Must have” qualities and traits if you want to start attracting and dating your ideal woman. 

Why does this program have such a profound impact on so many men’s lives?

Three Very Significant Reasons:

1. The Magnetic Man Program is built on the foundation of one core principle, “integrity”. Integrity with ourselves, our fellow man and the women that we share our world with. Everything that is taught and learned in this program is based upon this core principle.

2. The Magnetic Man Program focuses on personal transformation from the inside out. This is achieved by teaching and integrating elements of male empowerment, masculinity, charisma, connection, rapport, effective communication & social interaction skills designed to bring out your inner confidence.

Once you’re fully able to step into your power and naturally exude your inner confidence, attracting your ideal woman becomes a wonderful benefit of a much larger result. That larger result is “YOU” being your authentic self, who is powerful and confident in all areas of your life – Work, friendships, community, social interaction, dating and relationships.

3. Changing / revising your limiting beliefs about yourself and how you see yourself and the world. This includes how you see yourself in relation to women, intimacy, sexuality, your purpose and your sense of being “lovable”, “worthy” or “deserving”. Through the principles and techniques of NLP Re-Patterning, we will begin to effortlessly shift the blocks that are keeping you stuck. Once these blocks are removed, there is no longer any resistance stopping you from attracting, dating and being in relationships with the women you want.


My Personal Journey…

member_205105472My name is Tim Gallagher, Co-founder of the Magnetic Man Program and I have one simple mission. . . To help “YOU” become a Magnetic Man… The type of guy who women long to date and be in a relationship with. I feel so honored to have helped 1000’s of men get the results that they’ve always dreamed of and it forever changed their lives. This was made possible through a proven, systematic, step by step road map that gave them control over their love life once and for all.

You’re in the right place if you’ve been struggling with women. Believe me, I know how frustrated you must be because I’ve been there before. I felt so frustrated and powerless with my own experience with women, with no control over the outcome. I knew I had so much to offer, but women weren’t giving me the time of day to show them who I really was. I was doing everything wrong. I had a hard time approaching women and when I did, I came across nervous and insecure. When I was finally able to meet my ideal woman, I was put into the friend zone. Their new best friend. I was a great listener and very supportive. I got to hear all about their guy problems. Things like “Why can’t I find a good guy?”. I would feel my heart sink and think to myself….

“What’s wrong with me?!!! I’m a Good Guy!”

I was being seen by women as the “Nice Guy” and it was killing my chances of having a relationship with the women I was most attracted to.

I was left feeling lonely and hopeless, like a boat on the ocean without a rudder. Lost without a road map to guide me. I bought into “Magical Thinking” such as “I just hadn’t met the right women yet” or “The right woman will approach me”. I was making excuses for not taking action and I let this drag out for a long time. I was incredibly miserable. I hit rock bottom and swore off dating altogether.

For me it came down to not feeling deserving or good enough for women. Even worst, I didn’t believe that I was worthy enough to invest in myself so I could actually have what I wanted most. To be in a relationship with the type of woman that I had always imagined and dreamed about being with. I knew at that defining moment that if I didn’t do something different, I would be stuck going down the same old road, getting the same results. I had a genuine desire to change this, but I had this fear and resistance that was holding me back. The one saving grace was that I knew deep down inside I was meant for so much more.

This was the turning point where I decided to do something about it. I jumped in with both feet and invested in myself where and with whom I thought could help me. I spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars on books, seminars, workshops, coaching, personal mentoring and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) sessions. I started building the foundation of what would make me empowered, confident, attractive and desirable to women.  

I combined all the knowledge, skill and experience that I had acquired and condensed it down into a systematic, step by step, blueprint and it worked! The results that I got proved to be wildly successful. My dating life skyrocketed and I didn’t have to change who I was as a person. Mission accomplished. Women started noticing me. Smiling at me, coming up to talk to me. I was able to have engaging, fun conversations that flowed naturally. I could relax, connect, be present and let my true self shine. I was asking women out and they were saying “YES”! My confidence and self-worth soared!

I had a plan, tools, skill set, and attractive qualities that gave me total control over my dating life. I was getting what I wanted and it felt amazing! I had also found my purpose. My true calling. To teach what I knew to other men so they wouldn’t have to go through what I did, investing so much time and tens of thousands of dollars to have and FEEL what was now my reality. I’ve had the honor of teaching men this proven systematic, step by step blueprint. It has brought me so much personal satisfaction and it feels so amazing to have had the opportunity to take part in their success. 

Looking back now, I couldn’t imagine what it would’ve cost me if I hadn’t drawn a line in the sand, fought through the resistance to change and made the decision to take action to get what I truly wanted.

So what will it cost you if nothing changes?

I’m sure you’re tired of NOT getting the results you want. You’re sick of running into those same old patterns and blocks that are keeping you stuck or maybe even thought about giving up completely on something that every man is entitled to.

If you’re reading this, then my guess is that you know that you were “meant for more” 


member_205105472Being the type of man who possesses the qualities that most women desire and long for in a man. We’re talking about the kind of man that women wish they could meet and be in a relationship with. A man who owns his power and masculinity and is able to connect, be present, and empathetic. Able to interact with women from a place of being relaxed , playfulness, flirtatious and comfortable. Allowing his real authentic self to shine.

A man with a strong sense of purpose, who can tap into and harness his inner confidence which  allows him to approach women without fear of rejection, anxiety or feeling scared. Fully able to exude his sexual desire to the women he wants. A leader who gets more promotions and pay raises at work. A man who is viewed as the “alpha male” in a group of other guys, who gets noticed by women, stands out from other guys and leaves lasting, memorable impressions.

Once you possess these qualities, you are the “Sexy Good Guy” that most quality women are looking for. With that understanding, comes more confidence. Your whole view of the world changes. You can relax and be your authentic self. You feel in control of your dating life. Aligned with who you are and what you want to bring to the world.

When you possess these qualities, you are Magnetic Man.

“Sound amazing?

It is!… and I’ve helped men just like you attract, date and be in relationship with the women they wanted.


Fear of rejection

They don’t know what to expect

Not sure what to do or say or talk about


Thinking you would be bothering her

It feels unnatural

Low self esteem and confidence

“These blocks are stopping you from attracting, dating and being in a relationship your ideal woman!”

There are tons of quality single women out there right now that are longing to meet a great guy. A guy just like you. With so much to offer and I know how frustrating it must be for you that you’re missing out on so many opportunities.

The Magnetic Man Program addresses the challenges that most men face when meeting and dating the women their ideal woman.

Struggling with approaching and meeting women.

Overcome by Anxiety, Fear, Self-doubt when approaching or asking women out.

Unsure of what to say or talk about.

Being too shy to approach women. Always ending up in the “Nice Guy” / “friend” Zone.

Afraid of getting rejected.

Lack of confidence and self-esteem.

Not standing out.

Fear of asking women out.

Having a hard time getting a second date.

Hiding your Sexual Power and desire for fear of rejection or seeming creepy.

Feeling hopeless, defeated, beat up.

Sick of watching other guys meet women easily while you end up dateless and lonely on Saturday nights.


Significantly boost your personal power and confidence in all areas of your life.

This program will help you accomplish this in several ways:

  • The Authentic “YOU”: It starts with you. You’re perfect the way you are, with all your natural gifts and imperfections. Why would we want to change that or have you be someone or something that you’re not. It’s about giving you some add-ons in the form of new skills, traits, knowledge and a positive belief system so that you can become a version of yourself that you’ve always dreamed about being.
  • Owning Your Personal and Sexual Power: You will uncover and learn how to step into and naturally exude your personal and sexual power. Nothing drives women crazier or turns them on more than a sexy, powerful man. Need I say more.
  • Shifting Limiting Beliefs: Uncovering and shifting you’re limiting beliefs around how you see yourself as a person, your beliefs around women, dating, relationships and sexuality. Through the use of NLP exercises and 1-on-1 NLP session(s), we will uncover, address and revise your limiting belief so you can have unstoppable confidence and high self-esteem that comes from a positive belief in yourself and what you have to offer. This will allow you to effortlessly start getting the results that you desire with women. 


“What you believe about yourself will directly affect your confidence and behavior”.

 It is a never ending loop of belief and response to the world and has a direct affect on the results we get with women.

The number one reason why men don’t approach women is because they’re afraid of getting rejected. If they get rejected, it will just confirm the negative beliefs that they already have about themselves. Limiting beliefs about who you are and what you have to offer will stop you cold from having the confidence to approach and ask out desirable women.

Women are instinctual creatures and will pick up on low self confidence from across the room. A “Magnetic Man” is the kind of man that walks into the room and all eyes are drawn to him because he exudes self confidence and a belief that he has a right to be there. Not only that, but he knows that women will want to talk to him because he is amazing.

In the Magnetic Man Program, you will be uncovering those hidden beliefs about yourself that keep you stuck and self-conscious. During this 3 month program, we will use NLP Re-Patterning cutting edge methods, techniques, and exercise to work with your brain to install new positive beliefs about who you truly are, unleashing your powerful and confident self. This will open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Overcoming the Blocks that keep You Stuck

“Being able to approach the women that I was most attracted to without fear or anxiety gave me a new sense of confidence that I ‘ve always felted was missing and always longed for”

The men who have gone through the Magnetic Man Program have highly successful dating lives and relationships that give them the confidence, lifestyle and fulfillment that they always wanted. One of the biggest contributing factors for this was helping them get past their blocks and unwanted patterns that were holding them back. Blocks that caused them to be hijacked by fear, anxiety, self-doubt, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, not feeling lovable, deserving or good enough. 

The skills, tools and knowledge that you’ll acquire from this program have been proven to work when and wherever men are engaging, dating, or in a relationship with their ideal woman.  

The END RESULT: “YOU” being confident in all areas of your life. Fully able to step into your masculine, personal and sexual power, while possessing the qualities that most women look for in the men that they want to date and be in a relationship with.

Once you’ve gone through the Magnetic Man Program you’ll possess the skills, tools, knowledge, qualities, and traits that quality women look for in the men that they’re considering for dating or being in a relationship with.

You’ll walk away a much more confident YOU. Confidence that comes from knowing that you have a proven step by step roadmap that can give you total control over your love life once and for all. Something you must have if you want to get past “Hello”.


Here’s what women find attractive

High status








A sense of adventure

Social Value


Interesting conversation

To be understood

Mysterious men

To have someone be curious about them

To women, nothing is sexier, more attractive and totally irresistible then a man who posses these qualities.

“Imagine what it would be like to naturally embody all of these qualities and let your true self shine when meeting women. Fully relaxed and confident”.


When you decide to invest in yourself and enroll in the Magnetic Man Program, you’ll learn:

  • How to not fear rejection.
  • How to maintain control and influence over your love life.
  • How to build rapport that gets women to open up and trust you.
  • Skills that make conversations with women totally natural and never having to worry about what to say or talk about.
  • Owning Your Personal and Sexual Power: Stepping into and naturally exuding your personal and sexual power. Nothing drives women crazier or turns them on more than a sexy, powerful man.
  • The Art of Charisma: Learning the three core components of Charisma that makes you totally irresistible, stand out, memorable, and able to make a strong impression,
  • How to own your masculinity: This is an area where women complain most about men. A man can step into and own his masculinity, is a man who is highly sought after by women. 
  • Effective Communication: Learning a new set of verbal & non-verbal communication and rapport skills that will allow you to make others (not just women) FEEL seen, heard, understood, valued, safe and comfortable around you.
  • “Women Speak”:  It’s true, men and women are different when it comes to the way we think and communicate. At times, it can seem like women are speaking a different language. That’s why it’s so important for us as men to have a general understanding of how women think and how to effectively communicate with them.
  • Psychology of Women 101: Knowing what women want and what turns them on is a must if you want to get past hello. Knowledge is power and that is certainly true when it comes to knowing exactly what women are looking for in their dream guy. The same is true when knowing what NOT to do that could be turning them off. This component alone can greatly increase your results with women.
  • Unstoppable confidence and high self-esteem that comes from a positive belief in who you are and what you have to offer.

A Magnetic Man has a strong sense of purpose.

They stand for something in their life that is bigger than themselves; something they have dedicated their life to. It might be their career or a passion or it might just be a way of “‘being in the world” that they are committed to. This strong sense of commitment emanates in everything they do and is very, very attractive to women. This also a big part of being a masculine man. 

Think about the last time you were passionate about something you were doing and how awesome you felt about your life. Chances are as you walked around in the world with this feeling you were showing up quite differently than if you were stressed, unfulfilled and not excited about anything that you were doing.

What do you say to a woman that you’re attracted to to spark her interest? How do you talk to women without seeming creepy or feel like you’re bothering her or come across too nervous? 

Women in particular are designed by nature to screen the men that are interested in them. They have an automatic shield of defense that will come up when a man they don’t know comes up to talk to them. You’ll learn how to build comfort and rapport with their brains so you’ll have a chance to get closer and take a first meeting to a first date.


A Magnetic Man can speak to women easily

He is fun and entertaining and people love to be around him. Women want to be close to him and crave his attention because he knows exactly how to make her feel good, leaving her wanting more.


The Magnetic Man 3-month comprehensive, step by step program includes:

  • Enrollment in the live 2-day weekend event where you will get hands on experiential learning experiences and all the information and skills that you need to start getting your desired results with the women you want.
  • 3-month membership to the Magnetic Man community, full of valuable resources and tons of personal support.
  • 1-on-1 personal coaching session with Tim Gallagher, co-founder of the Magnetic Man Program.
  • 1-on-1 personal NLP Session with Tim to help you begin to permanently remove the blocks and unwanted patterns that have been stopping you from achieving your desired results with women.
  • Monthly Wingman outings where you and the other men in the program will meet in a social setting to practice your newly learned skills.
  • Live Q&A conference calls and a private group Facebook page to provide you with a support group for voicing your questions and getting answers to your biggest challenges and concerns. A great opportunity to learn from other men’s experiences who are going through the same thing you are.
  • Live practice groups that provide you with the opportunity to bond with other men who are on the same journey as you are, motivating each other along the way while you practice your newly learned skills and tools for masculinity, charisma, presence, power, highly effective communication, exuding your sexual desire and much more.
  • 7 key modules that make up the foundation of the Magnetic Man Program that will jump start your learning before the live 2-day weekend event. This will greatly increase your retention and integration of the skills, tools, and knowledge that you will be learning during this life changing 2-day event.


Here’s what others are saying about the Foundations Of The Magnetic Man Program:

After going through the Magnetic Man Program, I am more confident with women and with life in general. When I walk into a room I feel like I belong there and can strike up a conversation with any one I choose. This program changed my life!

-Mike in San Francisco, CA

Before I started the Magnetic Man Program, I was frustrated and lonely and didn’t know how to meet women. Even if I did happen to meet them I never knew what to say to keep their interest let alone get their phone number. Thanks to the Magnetic Man Program, I now have the confidence and the skills to really be powerful and know exactly what to say to get the attention from women that I have been craving my whole life. Thank you so much!

-Jim in Alameda, CA

The Magnetic Man Program gives you the tools you need to open conversations, build rapport, and, most important, to develop your inner belief in yourself. Through well organized presentations and many exercises, both in class and in the real world, You’ll develop more confidence and ease when approaching members of the opposite sex. Best of all, it’s entertaining, and fun!

-Mark J. in San Francisco, CA


Don’t waste one more opportunity to meet the women you want to be with!


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